“Bike Riders.” A movie review.

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“Bike Riders.” A movie review.

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Talking to a friend yesterday he mentioned he had played  hooky and caught the matinee.

“So how was it?”  I asked.

After a pause, his answer surprised me.

“It was good, and it was bad.”

“How can that be? I mean, a movie is good or it isn’t.”

“Well, I was almost the only guy in there.
I wanted to see how close they got to being period correct.
The story wasn’t what I was interested in. Most of us know the history of the biker scene, some lived it. I wanted to see if the bikes they used, the clothes they wore and the language was how it was back then.

  And it was really good in that respect.

The dirt trackers they had guys on in the beginning, the races, the bikes they gravitated to, the costumes they wore, were the real deal.  As I remember it anyway.

But………….you know it’s really about how, and what happened back then.  It was so close to what happened to me that I found myself thinking of all the guys I knew, and lost, to bad situations and choices.
Guys that didn’t make it.  
You know, they found this girl that was a wife of a biker, a girl that lived it, and mainly had her tell her story.
How her boyfriend started racing dirt bikes, made friends, gravitated to the street and just decided to form a little club.
A little club that would grow into a kind of monster, and eat most of them.
And watching that film I was reminded of guys, and situations I knew and were part of that ended really bad.  
You know, both of us were kind of lucky, Baltimore guys that had the sense, or luck, to move away from that craziness, and live life anew in a much more sane and healthy place.  

It’s like we got a second chance.  

So really, the props were really good, and the story being even better, well, that I’m just now, 2 days later, getting able to put those memories, friends and stories in their place.”

“So, it’s not a Walt Disney movie I take it,”
I asked.

“Yeah, it isn’t a Disney thing that’s for sure.”  He replied.
“But I think I’m gonna go and see it again.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Having a few days to think about, and maybe file certain things away in my head, I’ll be able to watch it again, enjoying the period correct bikes and props.
Which were/are really good. The guys that made this movie knew bikes. Vintage bikes.  And I missed a lot of them, distracted by tales from the past.”

Looks like this one might be worth watching.
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Re: “Bikers”. A movie review.

You just sold me on the possibility of going.
Now, there’s context in my head.
Supports splitting everywhere.
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Re: “Bikers”. A movie review.

I must live under a rock. I didn’t even know this movie existed.

I watched the trailer. Looks interesting.

You meet some of the best folks behind bars.