Moved from the Great Eclipse/COTA tread. Cager schtuff

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Moved from the Great Eclipse/COTA tread. Cager schtuff


hacksaw wrote
Not hijacker thread it’s just evolved.
I love them old trucks but they have become made of gold in the last few years.
I would prefer a stock motor or somewhat mello small block replacement . And of course patina !!!
But I can’t see paying the asking prices. Just go go to Home Depot once or twice a month.
So I get Hemings Motor News and keep my eye on the market. Perhaps a 70’s short bed or better yet step side
I cooked the rear end in one I had years ago. I should have fixed it. But love and learn.

I've noticed the the 50's stuff has come down in price. Especially in cars. The 55 F100 are holding a bit better because that is the best-looking grill of them all. I've seen guys stick 55 grills on the others just to get the look.
The 60's & 70's trucks have started to climb. Especially the early 70's.

My truck is so far from stock it wouldn't be economically smart to convert it back. Better to sell and buy one not so modified.
The only thing 55 about it is the doors, cab, dash, hood, front fenders, grill, and bed.
The front frame and suspension were modified to accept a Mustang 2 rack & pinion, A-arms, and disk brakes.
The back fenders have been changed to fiberglass for wider tires which made the floorboards have to be widened to match the wide fenders.
The rear frame has been modified to slam it to the ground and accept disc brakes and airbag suspension.
Bumpers, front & back shaved off with rolled steel panels to fill in where the brackets would have been.
Oh, and the 460 motor.

Not sure if you Marketplace much but I've seen the best deals on there for old cars and trucks. I see a lot of "This was my father's baby that has been sitting a year or two since his death and I don't know anything about it".
That's a good way of picking up something that may only need new batterie, fluids, fuel pump, and fuel tank cleaned or replaced.
They go quick it seems so you have to be quick and keep cash on hand.

You meet some of the best folks behind bars.
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Re: Moved from the Great Eclipse/COTA tread. Cager schtuff

Well, I think that’s true for many vehicles of interest .
The economy . A lot of people had some extra hobby money under trump . Inflation , gas prices , food etc
And higher local taxes have chewed up disposable income .
That , and as you implied , many trucks of the 50’s have been hot rodded to the extent it can hurt resale as good solid originals are getting rarer ,

Now I wouldn’t mind modern running gear , AC , heat and good sound system . But I still would want the truck to actually  be a usable truck .
60’s 70’s and even 90’s trucks are getting over priced.
And it’s getting harder to find standard cab shortbeds and step sides.
No four doors . No 8’ beds. No step ladder entries. Not for me.
Inflation belongs in your tires.
Not in your grocery bill.